ARB 4×4 Accessories

Buying the right Snatch straps and accessories

Are you looking for quality snatch straps and accessories? Chances are that you have already heard about ARB 4×4 accessories. Not only are these accessories extremely durable but these are made from the finest materials to ensure your complete protection and safety at all times. The following are some accessories which you should consider investing in.

Recovery straps

Recovery straps can come in handy when your vehicle is in imminent danger. It is a narrow strip of fabric made from the finest quality material. The straps design by ARB go through the strictest quality specifications and are tested by NATA approved labs. This ensures high quality control and the result is one of the strongest recovery straps you could get your hands on.

These high quality straps come in a range of variety and functions to suit various purposes. It can come in handy during a recovery process.

Snatch strap

A snatch strap is designed to allow the maximum amount of stretch when it comes to extracting a 4WD vehicle which has been bogged down in the presence of another vehicle. It has a unique design which allows the strap to return to its original position after it’s been used to recover a vehicle. It can stretch to a long length and can actually help recover a vehicle in a timely and easy manner.

Tree trunk protector

In order to keep your anchor point unharmed and in mind condition make sure you use a tree trunk protector. In order to avoid damage to the tree trunk as well as your ARB 4×4 accessories, make sure you use the protector.

Winch extraction straps

An ARB winch extraction strap is completely light-weight. It also doesn’t have a stretch but it can effectively extend the length of your winch cable in a situation when the nearest anchor is out of reach.

Snatch block

Snatch blocks allow winching from a variety of angles especially when winching straight ahead is not an option. It can also reduce the load on the winch by at least half. Snatch blocks are available in two varieties. The standard 7000 kg and the heavy duty 9000 kg block. These bocks compromise of side plates which rest against the pulley. Their presence reduces the chance of the winch cable becoming trapped in between. Cables of different sizes can be used and the groove on the pulley ensures that the cables can rest easily into it without any damage.

Recovery dampers

Though the winch cables and the straps designed by ARB are quite durable and strong, it is still essential to make use of a safety precaution as fitting a recovery damper should be taken to avoid any sort of injury. In case the strap or the winch fails, the recovery damper would absorb most of the energy of the cable or the strap and would in turn help reduce the recoil.

It is designed using high quality vinyl and compromises of a silver tape to improve the visibility in darkness.