Solar Batteries

The Benefits of Using Solar Batteries

The concept of using solar batteries for home is a new concept and one which people don’t really know about a great deal. There are quite a few advantages of using solar batteries at home. These can offer a great deal of economic benefits to home owners. The following are some of the best uses of solar batteries.

How can solar batteries help homeowners conserve energy?

Solar batteries are a part of a home solar energy system. When your solar panels produce energy it is fed directly into the electrical grid. Sometimes it produces excess energy which is no conserved would be taken up by the grid. The solar battery can help conserve that extra energy to be used when required.

Though solar batteries cost more than a standard generator, they can help homeowners by storing energy as a backup. So during day which are particularly cloudy, the stored energy can be put to proper use. This is however not possible with a mere generator, which uses petrol or diesel to generate power.

Most home owner consider going of the grid completely and depending solely on solar batteries. However, doing so isn’t really a wise decision. In case the solar panels fail to generate enough solar energy which is required, there could be a major power failure.

The idea is to store the extra energy but also make use of the electrical grid in case of an emergency. This would mean reduced utility bills and extra savings.

How do solar batteries work?

Solar batteries work by converting the AC energy produced by the solar panels and storing it as DC power to be used later on when required. Some solar batteries come with their own inverter and provide an integrated solar power system.

The main reason for installing a solar battery is to help conserve the extra energy produced by the solar panels. If your solar panels produce more energy than is required, the excess can easily be stored in solar batteries.

In case your solar panels stop creating enough energy, the backup energy stored in the batteries can be put to proper use.

Maintenance of solar batteries

  • Always size a battery bank in the proper manner. Some people use enough power bank to store five days’ worth of energy. However the home use for solar batteries always almost exceeds more than that. This is why it’s advisable to use the right amount of power bank for the solar energy system.
  • Always buy batteries which are high quality. A good battery can last anywhere from ten to fifteen years. Don’t compromise on the quality for cost only. Consider it as an investment with major returns.
  • Make sure you use temperature compensation for your batteries. This helps adjust the temperatures of the batteries as required during seasonal changes.
  • Make sure the batteries are completely charged every three weeks or so. This would ensure the proper working of batteries and increase their longevity too.

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