Solar Built In BBQs

The Benefits of Built in BBQ

Most people consider bbq as a summer time activity. After all you need great weather when carrying out a bbq as there is a great deal of smoke and you need to cook outside to enjoy the barbeque to the fullest. However, what if there is an option of having a built in BBQ within your home? Sounds great right. Also imagine not having to clean up all the charcoal and smoke stains. Plus the major benefit is that you can enjoy BBQ within the confines of your home. So if you live in a place where the cold weather normally doesn’t permit you to enjoy a barbeque party you are in luck. A built in bbq is often a great option.

Features to look out for when purchasing a built in BBQ grill

Make sure you look out for the following features when purchasing a gas BBQ grill

  • How safe is the grill. Stability of the grill is of utmost importance. Avoid grills which have sharp edges and corners. Consider a test check. Make sure the handles are widely spaced so that your hands are never too near to the heat. Check for the flame flare as well. For someone who is a novice at grilling smaller flame flare is recommended.
  • Grilling is beyond steaks and burgers. Though anyone can enjoy juicy steaks but you can’t obviously devour red meat all the time. Consider buying lean cuts of meat like fish or chicken. A gentle sear on each side of the lean meat can help retain its juicy flavor.
  • Do the burners come with a warranty? You have to keep in mind that burners are the most replaced part of the grill. Most burners come with a ten year warranty and last you almost up to that time. However there is an option of buying infra-red burners as well, but those are an expensive option.
  • The amount of gas which can be used by the grill. You don’t want something which can make your utility bills rocket sky high, so make sure you choose a grill which is economical and uses less gas.
  • The size of the grill is important too. Get to know how much space you have to spare. Is your kitchen big enough to sustain a heavy duty grill? Majority grills are six feet in dimensions. Choose one which is smaller or bigger according to your kitchen size.
  • Does the grill have options like gliding drawers which can help store utensils or a pull out grease tray which makes it easier to clean the grill under running water? Such conveniences can be great for an avid bbq lover.
  • Check out customer reviews for a variety of grills. These would give you a fairly good idea regarding the grill you want to purchase. Though most opinions vary, it’s always better to go for a grill with the highest satisfactory rating.

So what are you waiting for? Make your lifestyle healthier by eating wholesome grilled food.