Why Use Solar Power

Solar Power in New Zealand

Many home owners across New Zealand have installed solar panels for generating electricity. There are quite a few reasons for using solar power. It’s a great way to reduce the carbon footprint and do something for the environment. On the other hand the monetary incentives of lower utility bills is a major bonus. The following are a few reason why you should resort to using solar power.

  • Using solar power is a great way to conserve energy. The solar energy from the sun is a renewable source of energy. The other sources of energy can be prevented from being depleted when solar energy is used to generate electricity. Unlike other resources like coal, oil and petroleum, the solar energy is a continuous form of energy.
  • Using other sources of energy can result in harmful emissions like carbon di oxide, carbon mono oxide, sulphur di oxide and nitrogen oxides. Solar energy on the other hand does not release any sorts of emissions which would increase the carbon footprint and could be hazardous to the environment.
  • This is one home improvement which would give you better return on investment then any other home improvement plan. Not only does it add value to our house but helps save you tons of cash on paying utility bills. Buyers tend to pay thirty percent more for homes which have solar panels installed.
  • Solar panels are quite durable and can last up to more than thirty years. It requires very little maintenance. These are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, the solar panels installed on the roof of your home are much sturdier than the roof itself. Most solar panels come with a thirty year warranty.
  • Helps you say green. Solar power is the next big thing. There are signs everywhere. People are investing heavily in the solar industry that’s because solar energy is a clean and hassle free way of generating energy for a variety of purposes. So why shouldn’t you be a step ahead and make an investment which is only going to give you great returns in the future.
  • The biggest myth perhaps is that solar energy can be produced only on sunny days. This ist true. As long as there is daylight, solar energy can be produced. Albeit not as much as on a sunny day but cloudy days don’t mean no production of energy.
  • The solar panels can actually help keep your homes cool. That’s right. Though these panels absorb the sun’s energy and heat but can actually keep your homes cool. A roof without solar panels allows the sunlight to hit it directly thus raising temperatures. Higher temperatures mean more need to use air conditioners. Whereas solar panels absorb the heat.

There are so many reasons to go for solar panels. The savings you get on utility bills and also the fact that you are trying to do something for the environment are incentive enough. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you get solar panels installed. For more information on installation costs, make sure you contact the team.

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